Saturday, June 26, 2010

"If I Was Your Wife" by K-Love

they say,
“when you know better,
you do better”.
and, baby,
if i was more pleasing to God, i’m sure i could be pleasing you
better than ever before.
yes, you’ve had it before,
but never before quite like this.
your favorite meal,
main course intercourse served with no remorse as a side dish.
all your favorite positions with
no conviction or repentance, imagine the intensity
of me making love to you with no inhibitions.
baby, listen,
after you carry me through the threshold
this sometimes timid girl in the bedroom might become the best pro you’ve ever known
without a vex hold about our relations.
imagine the ease on my mind
as you please
and i call out on God’s name.
no longer ashamed to face Him.
no longer carrying the guilt of a sin in the form
of fornication.
think for one moment.
wouldn’t it be nice
if i was more than your woman,
if i was your wife?
not to be confused with your wifey.
see that’s a false term of endearment;
more like a hood thing.
proverbs 18:22 says that when a man finds a wife he’s found a
good thing,
and king if i was your queen, i’d hold you down.
to make sure you rise right to the highest of heights and at night, i’d
put it down.
to make sure you rise right and ready
with stilettos and a teddy,
i’d keep you right and ready to greet your day as i lay my head on your chest.
give sweet pecks
to your pecs.
take you to the place where love making meets sweet sex,
sheets wet
from sweet sweat as we
both gasp for sweet breaths of life, yes,
if i was your wife, i’d
go down before the sun comes up.
turn from super freak to mommy dearest before your son gets up.
see, i’d have breakfast ready even before your tummy wakes up.
see, even before my honey wakes up i’m gon’
give your back a sweet rub as i speak to God in sweet tongues;
asking him to encamp angels about you as you
go about your day while you lie still, still thinking i’m just rubbing your back.
baby, your wife is up bright and early casting our wrath,
canceling satan’s attack on the black man,
rebuking any trouble that comes to stumble your way;
it doesn’t get any better than that, man.
as i pray for your day in more ways to keep our love alive,
more days than eternity.
i want each day that you wake up and turn to me you know the reason that you said, “i do”.
when was the last time that you had a woman that lays you like i do and prays for you, too,
as she prays
for you two to become one flesh?
i want to nourish your soul as well as your flesh.
yes, if i was your wife, i’d
study your likes and dislikes and even in dim light you’d still look perfect
like the son of God.
baby, that’s why when you get home from your job
your feet deserve a massage.
and since i know how hard life can be,
i dedicate my prayers to asking God to make me the best wife that I can be.
with fresh fruit, i wanna greet you,
lie down at the feet of you with my alabaster box
and i won't stop until you feel like you can walk on water
like your father.
already know times gonna get tough, but i’m gon’ pray harder
than your day was.
there’s no other way, love.
what you say love?
i mean, i’m listening to anything you want to get off your chest.
see, with me, your wife, you can relieve your stress.
when the world stings you,
i’ll esteem you.
when doubt tries to halt you, i’ll exhalt you.
i was always taught to treat a man like a man.
so whether we’re in public or in the bed
i’m gon’ submit to my head like the neck does when it nods.
treat you like the god God always intended you.
invest in your interest like buying out stock.
infinite shares in your care so i can share your blessing and burden.
so, it’s like when you sow it,
i’d reap it.
gotta secret?
i’d keep it.
our spirits so meshed like kindred, baby, when you sin,
i repent.
and since i bear your last name, love,
its only right that when you hurt,
i pain love.
when you cry,
my sky rains love like thunder.
see, what God has joined together.
let no man, woman, nor stormy weather ever put asunder.
that’s why i never have to worry or wonder when i kiss your full lips if you'll
dip for the next chick with full hips, see.
i know that you honor God, too, and you wouldn’t want to ruin y’all relationship.
as you love me like Christ loved the church.
you can ask my parents.
it's apparent after 29 years, yes, marriage still works, if you work it.
so, i’m gon’ stay on the clock
more than a minute hand.
even on those nights when you’re a
minute man,
i won't even trip.
i’ll just watch the clock as it ticks and count the seconds until you’re in it again.
made a vow unto God first, so
ain’t no other man entering in the grooves along my thighs;
have been personalized for your size only.
i still believe in the union of marriage and matrimony.
that’s why i know when you know better,
you do better.
and, baby,
if i was more pleasing to God,
i’m sure i could be pleasing you
better than ever before.
yeah, you’ve had it before,
but never before quite like this.
if i was your wife.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Complexities ...and Misunderstandings

Sometimes I wish I could be cut open, so that all the colors of me could run out to be displayed.

Maybe then I would be understood.

I'm a woman of many complexities.  Many insecurities and securities.  Fear and bravery.  Many highs and lows.  Dreams and nightmares.

And I act accordingly.  But I do try.  I try to have more faith in my dreams than my fears, my strength than my weakness.

Sometimes I'm scared.  Sometimes I'm foolish.  Sometimes I'm not.

Either way, please, try to understand.

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