Friday, April 9, 2010

"Trust patience."

There's no coincidence that patience is the first characteristic made in 1 Cor. 13:4, that it's considered such a virtue. In ALL affairs, with patience comes definite answers. Utilize the time to stay true to self & obedient to righteousness & before long clarity of truth will be visible, shining bright before you.

"You're Beautiful."

"There's a difference between looking beautiful and being beautiful. One refers to your outward appearance, the other your nature. I'm more concerned with the latter, so I sure hope when people say "You're beautiful" they are referring to my essence. For outward beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Inner beauty is an undeniable truth."

"Isn't That Beautiful?"

"I think people underestimate the power of honesty and the beauty of testimony. For part of our journey's beauty can be attributed to it's ugly moments, our ability to rise from the bottom. We're not always on the top. But we rise. Isn't that beautiful? And such beauty couldn't manifest without, at some point, being at our lowest. So share the story honestly--it's glorious or will be."

Many people put on the facade that they have it all together--lying about who, and what, and where they are.  All the while they fail to realize that this moment, this current (or past) position and condition has great benefit to their life story. With that said, instead of having... shame and lying about it, use your position and condition as motivation to change, to RISE. And then who you USED to be wouldn't be in vain and will be a GREAT part of your testimony--and testament of the greatness of grace, mercy, and will power!!!

"Never Ask A Man..."

"Never ask a man for his time because a man will always make time to do what he wants to do."--Cedric Wright | Apply this wisdom to all relations, and you’ll have many days of peace. For the question of your significance to them or their consideration of you will be answered. It'll definitely result in less time ...spent wondering, "Why?". Answer's simple; they didn't find you worthy of their time.  When my friend, Cedric, shared this wisdom with me, he was giving me advice regarding a man I was really interested in a few moons ago, but even after that season I remembered his advice and now I apply it to everyone with whom I interact.

I have found that when you really accept the reality of that wisdom, you'll be humbled.  In all fairness, you are one of many things that someone could be concerned with, so get over yourself!  (At least that's the attitude I have come to take.)  And if you find that someone tends to not be able to make time to do something for you or with you, then you may soon get over them. It all falls into place and, by the time it does, you would have already gained some peace from it, as you had everyday you applied the wisdom.

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